Monday, August 31, 2015

The Bully Pulpit

It has become a given among professional journalists that Nazi or Hitler references have no place in the discourse of American politics. That being said, doesn't Donald Trump remind you of Mussolini- the same arrogant swagger, the fiery rhetoric, the frenetic arm movements, the pout? Pardon me, Benito Mussolini was the fascist dictator of Italy who was allied with Germany and Japan against the United States during WWII.  I wasn't there. I just like to read about this stuff. Or maybe I saw it on the History Channel. Anyway, lately Trump has been making Mussolini look absolutely timid. What with the defiant stance, the funny hats, and the adorable wife. Well, at least Benito thought his wife was adorable. And he likes pushing people around, see?

Trump has dominated the news coverage for weeks. In fact, you can't turn on the TV without seeing the Donald. He's the main attraction on all the cable news networks as well as the entertainment news channels because, let's admit it, he's one helluva entertainer. But if I hear one more pundit say, "He's sucking all the oxygen out of the room," I'm going to suffocate. After several outrageous news conferences and incoherent speeches, Trump is running away with the GOP leading contender status like a contestant on "The Apprentice." The Tea Party contingency loves him and the evangelical congregation believe he's a godsend. Literally. There's no use telling Trump devotees that his xenophobic, misogynistic, paternalistic, and extremist ravings might be dangerous because they don't understand what those words mean anyway. That's why they call it "the base." For the rational among us, Trump's ole-time racist rhetoric won't be so fascinatingly galling for much longer. The novelty will wear off,  his shelf-life will expire, and it will be time to change the channel. The problem is, to what channel?

No sooner had Trump made nice with the Fox Republican Propaganda Network over his ugly remarks about favorite daughter Megyn Kelly, than he unilaterally restarted the war. Trump went into Twitter overdrive saying, "I liked the Kelly File much better without Megyn Kelly," and retweeting some clever backwoods poet's comment that, "The bimbo's back in town," with Trump adding, "I hope not for long." Trump says, "I cherish women," in his domineering way. Maybe Ivanka can tell Dad that calling them "bimbos" is no way to win the women's vote. Personally, I'd love to see a war between Trump and Fox News. Trump and Roger Ailes could have a loser leaves town match, or better still, a hair match, only Ailes has none to lose. Perhaps he could get Hannity as a proxy. The next week, Trump tossed respected journalist Jorge Ramos out of a press conference for being too insistent, saying, "Go back to Univision." That sucking sound you hear is the last potential Latino  Trump vote heading south. During his next media scrum, Trump claimed that, "CNN is terrible," and "Fox News doesn't cover me fairly." Since NBC dismissed him from his reality show, Donald is about to run out of media outlets to cover his every burp on live TV.

The Dick Armey organized, Koch brothers funded Tea Party was once a fringe group of the Republican Party. Now, they run the show. The GOP created this beast on inauguration day when they plotted to destroy the Obama presidency- country be damned. So now they must feed the beast. Trump claims that his favorite book is the Bible, yet he can't remember a favorite passage. Here's one from Hosea 8:7, "They that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind." Trump's stump speeches contain phrases like, "the Mexican people love me," "I have a great relationship with the blacks," and "we love the Ukrainians." I don't know if I'm listening to Donald Trump or Don Rickles. Political insiders scoff at the possibility of Trump winning the nomination, but this is the party that elected the twin disasters of Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. If Trump is somehow elected president, he'll have to build a wall at the southern border to keep people in. "People are shocked at how smart I am," says Trump as he carries on a Twitter war that makes him look more like a Real Housewife than a presidential candidate. He's sewn up the Duck Dynasty vote without putting forward a single intelligible program. When challenged on his plan to expel 11 million undocumented workers, Trump proclaimed, "We're going to deport them in a very humane fashion." I'm sorry, but isn't that what Hitler said?


  1. Trump may well be a closet Dr. Strangelove. People take to him because he is 100% politically incorrect and gives the media the 'finger'. That is refreshing. All the other pols seem to be in a contest to see who can best perpetuate the county's death spiral. None of it matters, though, because no one is going to pull the country out of its death spiral. I say screw them all. Everyone would do better to disregard the self-destructive good cop/bad cop freak show that is American politics and make the best of what time we have left. I take long walks and listen to a lot of jazz.

  2. Trump recently visited Mobile, Alabama. Nick, my son, had gone with some friends to have a tailgate comedy party listening to Trump's speech and Nick managed to get into Trump's pre-speech "green room" with several other "leaders" such as Jeff Sessions, the Gov of Alabama, etc. This is not unusual, my son is charming and this did not surprise me. I was surprised when I watched segments of Trump on CNN and recognized my son standing to the left of Trump.
    Nick watched Trump work the room. He spoke to each person and tried to make a connection, was extremely versed on the issues, was calm and collected, seemingly a smart, nice guy. Nick was invited to enter the stadium with the entourage. He said the change was mind-blowing...gone was the informed normal man and out came the monster. The intelligence - gone. The natural smile - gone. Everything - gone. He became Trump the Magnificent. Strutting like a peacock.
    Randy, his speeches are Mussolini-esque. Though I believe Mussolini was crazy in private also.
    But which is more worrisome?
    The 24/7 crazy pompous maniac or the smart informed personable maniac who turns it on for the crowd?
    Your closing sentence hit the nail on the head.
    Trump is Hitler-esque.
    And for those who want an even closer A Face in the Crowd.

  3. Rando !! this is outstanding. may i share on f/b ? b

  4. Late to this but have some thoughts on Mr. Trump. An interesting possibility would be for him to continue to have enough positive feedback from large enough crowds for him to feel as important as he always thought he should be and it would serve as a good meal for his anger that not enough people have believed him for too long on the issue of the reality of his largeness. If he continues to have huge percentage leads in the Republican polls he may begin to believe he's the real deal... that he is "Presidential"...that he was right all along about himself. Will he be able to leave the stage if the Republicans don't nominate him? I'm thinking he feels to hell with these rummies, I'll run my own campaign. Who are these little guys? I'm Donald Trump. ------------3rd party. Any Democrat nominated wins, including Bernie. At present, this is a possibility. Crazier things have happened.

  5. This blog amounts to a tale told by an idiot. Full of sound and fury, but signifying nothing. For all the real sense that is conveyed, everyone should comment saying something like, 'Bow-wow, Bow-wow-wow'. To which another might say, 'Arf! Arf, arf, arf!!'

  6. Donald Trump's presence in this campaign cycle is positive proof that God is a Democrat, and that he has a sardonic sense of humor.

  7. I can see that your head has been twisted and fed by worthless foam from the mouth.
    When one's head has been twisted and fed by worthless foam from the mouth, they tend to propagate the same. But, whatever floats your boat. Worthless foam from the mouth seems to have a large audience these days.